Ed's TnT Glass Beaded WPA 14mm


Perfect way to pair your VapCap to your water piece

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Adapt your WoodScents or DynaVa Tip to your favourite 14mm water tool. Each piece is made to spec so that the tips fit snug and tight within each and every piece.

Available options:

WPA Only

WPA + Titanium Tip & Cap - Great for using any material you'd normally use in a VapCap

WPA + Cap'n'Coil Kit - Perfect for concentrates, the stainless tip helps to retain higher temperatures for longer in the DynaCoil. Also includes a Cap and small DynaStash

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Ed's TnT Glass Beaded WPA 14mm

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  • Body Only £23.00 Sold out
  • + Cap 'n' Coil Kit £65.00 Sold out
  • + Titianium Tip & Cap £74.00 Sold out