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The 'M' 2020

Price £70.00

FREE GIFT - get a free Zebrawood Slimstash when ordering this...

OmniVap Titanium

Price £167.00

At 92mm, the OmniVap Titanium includes the Titanium Tip, Cap,...

OmniVap XL Titanium

Price £177.00

At 109mm, the OmniVap XL Titanium includes the Titanium Tip,...

BB3 Stem

Price £24.00

Stem length glass midsection with beads inside...

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  • Pink £24.00
  • Grey £24.00

Simrell Vortex - Standard (XL)

Price £137.00

Upgrade your DynaVap with this beautifully crafted stem from...

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  • + Cap 'n' Coil Kit £174.00
  • + Titianium Tip & Cap £183.00
  • Stem + Intercooler only £137.00

The 'M' Starter Pack 2020

Price £115.00

The “M” Starter Pack offers everything a new VapCap user needs...

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  • Walnut £115.00
  • Cedar £115.00

Hydra OmniVonG XL

Price £162.00

Variable Vapor Flow Adjustment just like the OmniVap, this...

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  • Dark Wood £162.00
  • Light Wood £162.00


Price £90.00

At 92mm, HydraVonG includes a 62mm Stem with a Titanium Tip...

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  • Dark Wood £90.00
  • Light Wood £90.00


Price £107.00

At 109mm, the HydraVonG-XLS has a spinning mouthpiece combined...

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  • Dark Wood £107.00
  • Light Wood £107.00